If you want to join our clan please read what we are about and our rules,
then contact us on the recruitment page.

Once you have been accepted into the clan you will be able to register here.
Please use your WoT username when you register.

(only registered and approved members have access to the website)


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In order to join our clan you should do the following:

Inform yourself about our clan and our rules.
Contact us through the form below or simply speak to a recruiter or officer in game.

They will ask you a few questions to see if you fit our requirements and help with any questions you have. If things go well you will be granted access to our teamspeak server and website and receive 'recruit' status in game. During the following 2 weeks you can get to know the clan members and join them in platoons or companies. After this trial period you will be granted full member status on teamspeak and the website and of course in game.

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