If you want to join our clan please read what we are about and our rules,
then contact us on the recruitment page.

Once you have been accepted into the clan you will be able to register here.
Please use your WoT username when you register.

(only registered and approved members have access to the website)


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Clan Rules

Here is what we expect of our clan members:

• Treat your clan mates with respect.
• Insults and any kind of racism or discrimination will not be tolerated
• Show team spirit
• Show discipline during training events and competitive battles
• Keep yourself informed on our forums
• In case of a prolonged absence post on the absence board
• Use our teamspeak server when you play

Teamspeak Rules (read carefully):

• Your teamspeak username should consist of your World of Tanks username and your first name in brackets behind it.
• We expect you to be online on teamspeak when you play World of Tanks, since it is our main line of communication.
• After all, what is the point of joining a clan if you don't want to hang out with your clanmates and have a laugh.
• Should you need some quiet time or want to listen to loud music you can use our silent channel.
• Should you be away from your computer temporarily simply use our afk channel.
• We understand that occasionally it might be impossible or inconvenient to join teamspeak, but keep in mind that in such a case you will not be included in any clan activities (companies, trainings, platoons) since we have to assume that you are not available for those in the first place.

Learn more about our clan before you contact us.